About Us

Who We Are

Rodrian Insurance is a family-owned, independent insurance agency that specializes in home & auto, business, and health and life insurance. Our office is located in Brookfield, Wisconsin, and we work with customers in metro Milwaukee and the Phoenix, Arizona area. Since 1973, we’ve helped thousands of individuals, families and small business owners simplify their lives, and understand and save money on the insurance they need.

We think you’ll notice the difference when you do business with Rodrian Insurance. We are an experienced, down-to-earth team of people that will go the extra mile for you every time. Let’s say you’d like a place where your insurance agent knows your name, treats you with respect, and has your best interests in mind. Then perhaps Rodrian Insurance is a place you’d be at home.

How We Work

Because we offer just about every kind of insurance policy available, any responsible person, family or business owner can find a home here at Rodrian Insurance. We have the products you need, from a wide range of insurance companies we’ve hand-picked for their financial strength, sensible insurance policies and customer service.

Very often, people come to us with a very specific concern, such as:

  • A young couple with a new baby – and no life insurance.
  • A small business owner struggling with high health care costs.
  • A family looking to compare pricing on home and auto insurance.

Other times, the situations are more involved. For example:

  • An owner of a start-up company needs business insurance, worker’s compensation and health insurance – as soon as possible.
  • A couple sells their home and moves to a condo; they also need Medicare supplement policies and life insurance for their estate plan.

Whether your situation is simple or complex, we’ll listen and try to see how the pieces of your financial life, both personal and business, fit together. Our goal is to understand your situation, your needs – and your budget. We want to find you insurance that’s priced fairly, and that’s written properly to protect you when a fire, accident or lawsuit disrupts your life.

There’s no reason why you can’t save money, improve your coverage, and simplify your life at the same time. Rodrian Insurance can make buying insurance a little less frustrating, and we’ll be there for you with solid customer service after the sale. So give us a call today! 262-781-4750